BLU doesn’t believe in trying to position itself in the market by degrading others. Our client base has proven to us that they want to be communicated to with transparency and honsety about the health concerns surrounding the bottled water market. They appreciated knowing every step of our 9 stage filtration process.

But moreover, BLU wants to celebrate beauty that’s healthy and fun.


BLU MULTI D FLYER_2015-0-jpg

BLU’s sales and marketing program,

Reinvented for the new generation.

BLU has identified loving the taste of water by associating it with pleasant things.

Each time you drink water, think of something that makes you happy – a person you love, an activity you enjoy, a food you like, a merry song, a beautiful scenery – whatever works best. You will learn to love the taste of water because associate it with things you love.

BLU’s better equipped and well-thought-out beautifully designed cooler, will motivate us to successfully designed cooler, will motivate us to successfully increasing our daily water intake and make the move to regain control with bottle-less coolers.

We are confident to offer a great product that has many market leading benefits. Not only it offers a unique natural filtration process, but it represents an innovative approach to create an affordable unit, with unequivocal compact size and shape.

The market demands a professional and innovative national dealership organization. BLU has developed the program for success necessary to capitalize on the tremendous market opportunities available today.

BLU’s sales and marketing program offers dealers on-site technical and sales training; product literature; multimedia presentation tools; and gives dealers website design for integration in addition to downloadable forms and technical data.
With unparalleled manufacturer support and protected market areas, dealers
can begin to offer coffee/water services almost immediately.
BLU assigns our dealers with a dedicated sales manager whose job is to implement the BLU business value model, to offer quality,

state of the art products to your customers, so your business can succeed and flourish.
The value of your business will increase dramatically, providing you with new profit opportunities and exit strategies.
Unique Dealer Support:


The BLU business value model is simple: to offer quality, state of the art
products to your customers; organize and manage a well-trained sales force;
utilize the BLU rental program; build the dealer’s rental fleet; and provide
exceptional service to the dealer’s customers. By developing an imbedded
rental base and maintenance revenue stream the value of your business will
increase dramatically…providing you with new profit opportunities and exit