Dealer & Technical Support

With unparalleled manufacturer support and protected market areas, dealers
can begin to offer coffee/water services almost immediately.
Unique Dealer Support:



BLU will supply our dealers with a password to access this link for the the Dealer Support Resources Portal.
BLU is dedicated to provide exceptional service to the dealer’s customers.
To empower our dealers sales staff, BLU will:
• Teach reps to use the rich product content from the online site as they are making calls in the field. Reps gain instant access to specs, pricing, availability, comparisons, data sheets, and videos. They will also have up-sells, cross-sells and substitute products at their fingertips to guide conversation with buyers.
• Once these tools are in place, train the reps to use these sales applications to be more productive in the field.
• Build a superior customer experience. The same thing we would do for our customers anyway.
• Finally, aggressively promote and train the reps and channel partners about the benefits and use of the various tools we have in place.


Trouble-Shooting Guides

BEAM Trouble Shooting Guide (Download pdf)

FLOW Trouble Shooting Guide(Download pdf)

WEDGE Trouble Shooting Guide (Download pdf)

CURVE Trouble Shooting Guide (Download pdf)

BLAZE Trouble Shooting Guide(Download pdf)